5 Myths And Misconceptions Of Digital Signage

Digital signage can be used to bring many benefits to businesses of any size. The fundamental features needed to deliver a reliable and coherent digital signage estate can be shaped efficiently and quickly to create a difference.

There are however many myths and misconceptions concerning digital signage, therefore affecting the adoption of this technology.

SignStix Video Wall

Here are 5 myths and misconceptions of digital signage:

1. Digital Signage is Just a Screen

Digital signage is more than an electronic screen – it is a digital canvas for customer engagement.

Digital signage gives organisations the opportunity to create and manage promotional materials on specific dates, times and months, based on data delivered by customers.

  • Reach more people
  • Showcase dynamic content
  • Save on print costs
  • Influence sales and ROI

2. Digital Signage Installation is Complicated

Many retailers believe that implementing digital signage on a large scale will be disruptive to the store and complex to set up. Cloud-based technologies like SignStix combat these problems by offering an easy configuration process, which can be executed by anyone in any business. SignStix Players are small and compact and deliver 4K graphics out of the box. The Players can be configured using a smartphone via Wi-Fi connection which means users can be up and running in seconds.

3. Managing Content

One of the biggest concerns of implementing a digital signage system is the strain it can have on resources. However, retailers can manage, edit and create content with ease by investing in a low-maintenance web-based platform that easily allows for simple signage creation and zone-based deployment.

What’s more, managing printed content like printed newsletters, posters and promotional material can put lots of strain on time and resource compared to digital signage. Digital signage offers a greener, more environmentally-friendly approach to marketing communications, as well as reducing print costs significantly and maximising workflow. With digital signage, retailers can also update content in real-time so that marketing communications are dynamic.

4. Digital Signage is Expensive

Dependent on the solution, digital signage can be fairly inexpensive in order to communicate messages and promotional material effectively. The return on investment can be easily justified, especially if retailers edit the correct message with the consumer in mind. Multiple screens can be used to create different environments and manage a budget to acquire the relevant effect. Low-cost video walls are also becoming an affordable, obtainable solution.

5. Digital Signage Isn’t Effective

By using digital signage, organisations can effectively promote their products and services to customers and therefore influence in-store purchasing decisions, increase brand awareness and encourage repeat sales.

Increasingly, digital signage is becoming an integral part of the marketing mix.

source: digitalsignage.net.

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