7 Ideas to Consider When Implementing Digital Signage Within The Workplace

The benefits of using digital signage in a number of different types of companies and ways have been proven by countless case studies. Digital signage solutions can fulfil a multitude of purposes such as displaying health and safety guidelines in a retail environment, improving communications between staff and students in universities and helping new arrivals way-find in a large hotel.

The technique of repeated visual transmission (used by the advertising industry) can be transferred into the workplace to keep employees informed and connected. In addition to offering a canvas for unlimited internal communications, internal digital signage can help build staff morale, maximise productivity and enhance employee motivation resulting in increased business profits.

Here are some of our ideas to consider when implementing digital signage within the workplace…

1.  Personalising a welcome message and promoting health notices in continuously flowing traffic areas will help to keep all of your visitors safe.

2.   Keep your employees on the pulse of your company’s culture and values so that your organisation will experience higher employee retention.

3.  Encourage health and wellness throughout the workplace by displaying important guidelines to improve employee wellbeing so that absenteeism and healthcare costs are reduced.

4.  Connect teams across multiple offices and regions with messages from the senior leadership team so that all employees feel valued.

5.  Encourage employees to communicate with the organisation by adding live social feeds and employee polls (what they want on the break room screen or which feature to build next) so they feel noticed and involved in company decisions.

6.  Displaying milestones, birthdays, anniversaries and virtual charity events will encourage inter-departmental conversations so that employee communication enhances.

7.  Create a safe culture by displaying health and safety notices to reduce accidents and lost time so that your productive workers become more profitable workers.

All workplace digital signage needs are unique so your digital signage solution should be too. Not only can SignStix provide you with internal workplace digital signage, which includes our cloud-based software, industry-specific content ideas, support, hardware and installation, but we also pride ourselves on helping clients customise their workplace digital signage with our free weekly training webinars.

Here is an example of how you can display your company logo, colour scheme, date and time, weather, news and main scrolling message on the SignStix platform.


Digital Signage in the workplace example from SignStix


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