9 Corporate Communication Ideas You Can Implement With A Digital Signage Platform

As organisations start to consider opening their doors once again to employees and visitors, they do so to a completely different situation from a couple of months ago. From the entry point in reception through to executive offices and meeting spaces throughout the building, the office landscape has shifted enormously.

Following a recent survey by ENGAGE and YouGov, 55% of respondents stated that they were not comfortable returning to the workplace, therefore businesses need to be mindful of advice and restrictions that continually change.  Employers must plan and implement any return to the workplace in a way that cares for their people and safeguards their health and wellbeing.

Visual communication such as remotely managed digital signage is an effective tool in distributing critical information across an organisation to help keep all employees and visitors safe and it can also help inspire the workforce and increase morale.

Read these nine corporate communication ideas that you can implement, using digital signage, to find out how to effortlessly control and optimise every detail of your environment to communicate, interact and inspire your workforce and increase staff engagement and productivity.

New and Comprehensive Government Regulations Need to be Adopted and Implemented

1. Protecting Staff in Reception and Meeting Areas

Deploying the latest government social distancing guidelines via digital signage in reception areas and where you hold regular meetings will help protect and safeguard staff.

2. Continuously Flowing and High Traffic Areas

Bringing in one-way flow at entry and exit points promoting health notices will help to keep all of your visitors safe and up to date with government guidelines.

Reception Digital Signage SignStix

Personalised Engagement from Entrance to Exit

3. Instantly Deliver the Right Information to Staff and Visitors

Whether social distancing, changing government regulations, live news feeds, social media updates, corporate news or even football scores, you can create custom templates quickly and simply, with eye-catching designs.

4. Tailor Your Messages for Individual Demographics

Deliver personalised communications using facial detection technology, designed to adapt your digital campaigns to any demographic.

5. Adapt Content to Events in Real-time

Trigger automatic changes in content based on crucial weather alerts, local traffic issues, emergency notices or any other type of event.

Interactive Training Portals

6. Design, Deliver and Track Training Programmes that Stick

Increase your learners’ retention, guide them through reality-based scenarios and assess their performance with custom reporting. Whether it’s for onboarding, health and safety, compliance or professional development, using video playlists and interactive features can help you create your own interactive training portal.

Live Dashboards & Alerts for Business Operations

7. Staff Performance & Task Management

Transform any screen or workplace device into a live performance dashboard. Get real-time visibility of business metrics from pending tasks to sales completed, all auto-populated by your own system. Setup custom mobile, email or audio-visual notifications for any point in the process, like when a mission-critical task becomes overdue.

Emergency Response Communications

8. Deliver Critical Communications Quickly at The Time It Matters Most

Connect all of your workplace devices to make real-time business decisions on your behalf – so as soon as something happens, your environment will adapt in the blink of an eye.

Coordinate the safe evacuation of staff with automated announcements, adaptive lighting, SMS alerts and digital signage that automatically updates with building directions, prompted from the signal of any alarm or emergency switch.

Custom Meeting Room System

9. Design and Build Your Own Interactive Meeting Room System

Check-in to your meeting room upon arrival, to secure your booking. Automatically free up rooms if no one arrives. Adapt lighting and room temperature, or order drinks from the comfort of your seat – all using a custom interactive control panel, designed by you.

SignStix is a cloud-based platform with two web applications – Creator and Director – that can be accessed via a web browser on any device. Use Creator to develop your campaigns, then coordinate them across your entire business through Director.

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