9 Reasons Why SignStix Director Makes Digital Signage Management Easy

Director is SignStix’s cloud-based digital signage management tool, which allows users to deploy signage globally within seconds. Dayparting, signage scheduling, video integration and location-specific deployment are all features (as standard) within Director, designed for a handy, hassle-free signage experience.

Here are some of the signage management features you can expect from Director, which make SignStix a preferable signage platform:

Zone-based deployment

SignStix Director allows you to easily assign different content to different screens, giving you the flexibility of being able to deliver certain marketing messages to specific zones. For instance, this is especially ideal for managing variations in pricing or stock or targeting demographics in different areas.

Sign scheduling & dayparting

All signage can be easily scheduled at different times and dates to suit requirements. Therefore, you can opt to have a specific sign repeated daily, one-off or on specific days.

Sign sequencing

Create a sequence of signs as opposed to forming one long piece of signage content. Add signs and videos in a running loop, either repeating a specific number of times or indefinitely.

Simple user management

The user management function allows you to assign roles and user permissions supporting a hierarchy workflow in just a couple of clicks.

Assign someone to a Writer, Approver, Reader, Deployer, Assigner, Admin or Locker role. Read more about user permissions.

Lock specific signs and assets

Lock assets, signs and individual tool options to ensure brand governance. With this handy feature, you can feel reassured that your signage will always meet brand guidelines.

Video Encoder

SignStix Director has a handy Video Encoder tool, ensuring the highest quality video for the device is chosen.

Upload video within a few seconds and add it to a piece of signage. 

Real-time diagnostics

The system reports back every 5 seconds, providing complete clarity of your entire signage estate.

The handy Health Check feature in SignStix Director also gives users a health graph, presenting any runtime errors that have occurred over the past 24 hours.

View every ‘player’ in your estate

View the status of each player, including whether a specific player is active or not.

Signage snapshots

In addition, so that you know which sites are active and which zones are playing what, SignStix Director gives you the ability to get a snapshot of the signage that’s playing in every zone.

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