9 Top Tips For Creating An Eye-Catching Digital Signage Design

The SignStix digital signage platform is an extremely intuitive tool that allows you to easily create, edit, manage, deploy and report on digital content in real-time. It’s all cloud-based too, which means you don’t have to worry about downloading any software.

But you are stuck at the first hurdle – how to create digital signage content that actually looks good and engages customers or staff members?

QR code on digital screen

Here are 9 top tips for creating an eye-catching digital signage design:

1. Include a call to action

Make it clear what you’d like the takeaway action from your digital sign to be – for example, ‘Like Us on Facebook’ or ‘See Comment on Twitter Download our App’ for a retail or hospitality space.

2. Opt for a high-contrast display

The contrast between the background and foreground of your sign will make it easy to read from any distance. Light text on a dark background is a great choice, whereas coloured text on a bright background can be difficult to see from further away.

3. Font size

Every word on the screen should be well-chosen and important, avoid cluttering your designs with too much text. The type should be size large for readability at a distance and should present crucial information in a fun and interesting way.

4. Keep motion to a minimum

Animation can be an eye-catching and engaging tool in digital signage but beware of over-use. Moving text is difficult to read, and more than one moving element at once may distract from the main message. Motion should be utilised to catch attention without impacting on readability.

5. Pick your font wisely

Again, readability is key here, so sans serif fonts are the best option for a digital signage display that will need to be legible from a distance.

6. Keep it consistent

Make sure that your digital signage is in line with the rest of your brand in terms of design and content, and contains recognisable images that can become synonymous with the image of your brand.

7. Split your content

Split screens or playlist scheduling are two ways you can pare super useful content alongside advertising or videos.

8. Capture audience insight

Don’t overload your screen with too much copy. Capture your audience with a stunning headline and use a QR code on the screen, linking to a webpage, to learn more about the topic.

9. Keep updating the content

The screen you put up should be updated regularly with fresh content. People will lose interest if the video wall displays the same messages for a long period of time. Keeping fresh content will attract a wider audience thus making your video wall a success.

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