How Digital Signage Reduces Perceived Wait Times

Moving beyond traditional transaction-only devices, POS applications now connect with data, people and numerous devices to create a smarter customer journey. As one of the top frustrations for customers in-store, organisations are considering queue management a top priority, turning to digital signage to solve the problem of unpredictable waiting times and managing customer flow. 1. Draw Attention Away From The…

6 Smart Ways To Improve Brand Awareness and Customer Experiences Whilst Reducing Costs And Increasing ROI By Using Digital Signage.

Today’s consumers expect to see technology being used to improve their in-store experience, and digital signage does just that. Aside from attracting attention and increasing engagement levels, digital signage can give organisations the flexibility of deploying important communications within seconds. It can also influence purchase decisions, increase brand awareness and reduce print costs. Here are some of our smart ways…

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Case Studies

Why Quick Service Restaurants Need Digital Signage

It’s no secret that in hospitality and retail, customer service is key. Good customer service harnesses customer loyalty, brand awareness and leverage upsells. Quick service restaurants depend on cross-selling and upselling opportunities, however, opportunities can be left neglected if employees are busy serving customers and don't have time to promote products during the point of sale. Digital signage alleviates that…