5 Retail Technologies to Watch Out for This Christmas Season 2021

Even before recent events, the retail and leisure industry was a difficult environment, particularly for retailers in UK shopping centres and on the high street. The last few months have simply intensified these challenges. The good news for the high street this Christmas is that online influence will wane slightly as one in three shoppers return to stores says Retail…

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Retail Digital Signage

Low Cost Video Walls

Some people still think of video walls as an expensive luxury, however, screen prices are still lower than they were five years ago, dramatically more so looking back 10-15 years, and multi-screen video walls are rapidly becoming a much more desirable option. Traditional methods of digital signage can often leave companies worrying about cost, with concerns around bulky, expensive hardware…

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Case Studies

5 Tips for Using your Video Wall Effectively

It is common these days to spot video walls lining the walls of offices and streets.  Video walls are a series of panels or LED's lined together to create one large screen. You may have seen them in shopping malls, hospitals, airports, workplaces and educational institutions, advertising one thing or another. Generating content for a video wall isn't always easy,…

Corporate Communications

Why Quick Service Restaurants Need Digital Signage

It’s no secret that in hospitality and retail, customer service is key. Good customer service harnesses customer loyalty, brand awareness and leverage upsells. Quick service restaurants depend on cross-selling and upselling opportunities, however, opportunities can be left neglected if employees are busy serving customers and don't have time to promote products during the point of sale. Digital signage alleviates that…