Digital Signage for Airports

How to choose the right airport digital signage to make travellers’ and workers’ entire experience more effective and efficient.

For passengers, the right information at the right time is key and a seamless experience creates higher customer satisfaction levels in the transport industry.

What is airport digital signage?

Airport digital signage is the use of screens and other digital displays to convey vital information to travellers and workers. Therefore the aim of using screens in airports is to make the entire experience more effective and efficient, which in the long run is hugely beneficial.

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The different displays airports use for digital signage include:

The possibilities of digital signage are greater than static and despite the application of conventional signage in the past, digital signage is a lot more versatile in the transportation industry.

Why use digital signage in airports?

Finding directions, getting a ticket and waiting for departure are all part of travelling, so for passengers, the right information at the right time is key and a seamless experience creates higher customer satisfaction levels. Digital signage influences these processes by reducing perceived waiting times and delivering informative content.

Digital signage within an airport will help reduce perceived waiting times, engage and interact

With dynamic content reducing perceived waiting times by 35%*, digital signage is a brilliant tool for entertainment and engagement and can also drive upsells and cross-sells. Using a platform like SignStix, content can be deployed to various locations across the globe within minutes, providing the perfect advertising vehicle for shops, restaurants and hotels within an airport.

In addition to offering entertainment and interaction value, digital signage is extremely valuable for communicating service disruptions or emergencies; with real-time updates, screens can deploy vital information to help ensure the safety of passengers.

The uses and benefits of airport digital signage:

  • Wayfinding – Airport wayfinding shows real-time data and interactive maps to help passengers navigate airports, locate the nearest bars and restaurants, find out about security queues and reach their gate.
  • Digital Menu Boards – Digital menu boards in airport restaurants enable businesses to show off their food items and daily promotions in mouthwatering high-definition as well as cut printing costs associated with traditional menus.
  • Touch Screen Digital Menu Boards – touchscreen digital menus allow customers to quickly order food on the fly, therefore it gives a massive benefit in airports where people always seem to be in a hurry.
  • Inflight Video – Video advertising available on overhead as well as seatback screens which are presented to an audience who is almost certain to be engaged.
  • Advertising – The airport environment also offers an advertising opportunity like no other. With high passenger traffic, high dwell time and heightened emotion, 42%** of passengers are more likely to make an impulse purchase. Increase revenue of the airport’s tax-free shops, restaurants and bars by displaying pre-flight and gate-side promotional offers.
  • Emergency Messaging – Deploying information in an instant to strategically placed screens could tell people exactly what to do in order to stay safe and protected.

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Image: Courtesy of PPDS

Choosing the right digital signage location to display your message:

  • Baggage Claim Area – This is one of the areas in airports that sees the most traffic throughout the day. While travellers are waiting for their luggage, they can be learning more about your brand.
  • Business & Priority Lounges – These exclusive parts of the airport are reserved by travellers wishing to avoid the crowds and be in a quiet, connected space to relax or work meaning they are perfect spots to target with high-end campaigns.
  • Back of House or Internal Communications – Employee-facing screens can also be used to improve operations and transmit valuable information to employees therefore employees are more engaged, more collaborative, and more informed on the job.
  • Waiting Areas – Waiting areas are a great place to stream interesting videos or live news to those waiting so it gives audiences a much-needed distraction from their wait time.

Using digital signage within airports will help you target audiences such as:

  • Global C-Suite Executives
  • Millennial Business Elite
  • Connected Trendsetters
  • Innovative Tech Pioneers
  • Global Jetsetters

Using SignStix to enhance the travel experience means you can:

  • Optimise wayfinding and manage traffic flow with natively driven 4K video walls
  • Benefit from a cloud-based solution that can deploy key information globally within seconds
  • Integrate real-time updates and Queue Management technology
  • Schedule advertising to be deployed at different times and dayparts

Getting started with airport digital signage

Want to improve or expand your existing airport digital signage? Contact our digital signage specialists today to find out how our digital signage platform can help.

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