Digital Signage For Education

From displaying lunch menus and bus times to important deadlines and emergency messages, digital signage for education is a powerful tool.

Every day, more and more schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK are using digital signage to create stimulating modern environments that make working and learning exciting. Digital signage is helping to change the ways in which educational facilities communicate with students, faculty and visitors, in addition to generating revenue opportunities through sponsored content and campus-approved advertising.

A vast majority of children have access to an array of technologies, including mobiles and tablets, so the scope for digital signage in education is enormous. From one screen connected to a network of computers in the classroom to an Ultra High Definition video wall that welcomes visitors in the reception, its uses are many.

Information Dissemination

For day-to-day operations, digital signage provides basic announcements and information regarding anything from timetable changes and building closures to digital menu boards displaying school lunch options. Schools, colleges and universities can schedule content to be deployed at different times throughout the day, they also choose to distribute content to all screens or have different signage on each one, perfect for large campuses.

Display time-critical announcements 

Campus-wide emergencies can be handled effectively by a digital signage system with strategically based displays, directing traffic in the event of a hostile or intrusion-based event and keeping both students and staff well informed.

The learning experience 

53% of school children use a smartphone and 48% use a tablet on a daily basis, thus children are used to interacting with technology every day. Gamification is an educational approach that motivates students to learn by using game elements in a learning environment, using digital signage to carry out this method can maximise enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners through interactivity, advanced animation and Ultra High Definition graphics.

Create a sense of community 

To instil a sense of pride and achievement schools and colleges can show student’s work, celebrate success and reward achievements using digital signage. The image of the establishment can also be promoted to visitors creating huge benefits in terms of morale. Displaying activities and events within the school and community, such as sports days and fundraisers, highlights social responsibility and motivates staff and students to get involved.


As part of the wider adoption of technology changes in society, schools, colleges and universities are using digital signage to increase productivity, whilst engaging students through stimulating environments.

Replacing static text and pictures with an eye-catching display not only improves information flow and creates a unified community, but it increases efficiency by allowing educational establishments to embrace a greener communication alternative to printed signs. Scaled to suit and educational establishment, digital signage is in fact becoming the norm across the country.

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