Digital Signage in Healthcare

Digital signage is providing the healthcare industry with the flexibility of deploying important communications within seconds. Traditionally, healthcare facilities have deployed digital signage to inform visitors about the facility, to provide wellness tips and other news or key updates regarding health issues and treatment. Forward-thinking organisations, however, are recognising the potential to deliver targeted information to their staff at the time it is required.

The healthcare market is still relatively small in comparison with more mature industries such as education and transport. But with the ability to instantly update and deploy messages it is becoming more popular, with a huge range of uses.


Important healthcare issues can be addressed in the reception or waiting areas by using digital signage as a tool for raising awareness.

Patients can access information about conditions and procedures; integrating weather feeds, sports scores or breaking news, keeping patients engaged during their waiting time.

Using digital signage in this way offers a number of benefits for healthcare, including reducing patient anxiety, boosting hospital branding and making patients more aware of treatments, which encourages deeper conversation when seeing their doctor.


The growing size and complexity of hospital campuses are making it more frustrating for patients to find where they’re going, contributing to their feelings of nervousness and anxiety. Wayfinding technology makes navigation both easy and engaging, depicting clear, directional guidelines that enable visitors to quickly find where they’re going.


Allowing companies to promote healthy living in a healthcare facility is an effective way of generating revenue for the office, whilst providing patients with treatment offers and information about specific medical issues. Facilities can stay up to date with the latest medical advancements for patients without wasting printed brochures and posters.

Advertising upcoming fundraising events and services offered by private practices and charities is common practice in healthcare.


In addition to keeping patients updated, it is essential that staff are constantly communicating with one another. Digital signage gives organisations the ability to quickly deploy messages, updates and alerts to be easily disseminated to staff across the facility.

Cafe Menus

In addition to upselling opportunities, digital signage can integrate with queue management technology to promote healthy eating, display prices in real-time and display relevant messaging to engage customers and influence the buying decision at POS.

With a massive flow of information through all healthcare facilities, digital signage is becoming an essential tool to engage patients and efficiently deliver information to staff. Developing a strategy that incorporates displays, kiosks and third party technologies will allow any healthcare facility to share and access essential information.