Improving Organisational Health and Safety With Digital Signage Communications

Digital signage is playing a vital role in effectively delivering emergency and health messages in schools, corporate offices, hospitals and commercial buildings. From the click of a button, important messages, maps, alerts and emergency instructions can be transmitted across an entire organisation, or across multiple sites.

Digital signage for large institutions

For many campuses in higher education, digital signage has proved to be a simple and efficient way of displaying health and emergency notifications. Digital signage notifies anyone in its vicinity, conveying communications in high occupancy places such as the canteen, reception or car park.

Pre-made templates or campaigns can be deployed in real-time to facilitate the evacuation procedures for:

  • Severe weather and flooding
  • Facility emergency/office lockdown or evacuation
  • Fire and gas leaks
  • Building or room closures

By implementing screens across areas where footfall is greatest, real-time digital signage content enables organisations to attract attention and deliver information faster than emails and texts.

In large corporations, digital signage can be used to schedule announcements for the appropriate time. For example, a fire alarm test that occurs every Friday at 8.30 am can be planned in advance to deploy each week automatically.

Technology integration for more-informed experiences

Large corporations are also integrating digital signage with third-party technologies such as wayfinding, to help guide visitors around the building. From a simple digital display that depicts clear, directional guidelines to a series of interactive kiosks that provide location services, wayfinding integration is extremely useful.

Despite its primary use of marketing digital signage is proving the most effective way of delivering emergency notifications across industries. As a result, educational institutions, corporations and transportation services, amongst other industries, are considering digital signage central to emergency planning. We will really see this take off in 2020/21 due to the ease and efficiency of deploying emergency alerts and routine announcements.

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