Low Cost Video Walls

Some people still think of video walls as an expensive luxury, however, screen prices are still lower than they were five years ago, dramatically more so looking back 10-15 years, and multi-screen video walls are rapidly becoming a much more desirable option.

Fnac Video Wall Powered by SignStix1

Traditional methods of digital signage can often leave companies worrying about cost, with concerns around bulky, expensive hardware or high CapEx costs being common. Likewise, fear of high energy costs and the dilemma of where to hide reams of ugly wiring can make video walls an unrealistic concept to some.

However, this could not be further from the truth. A typical PC signage solution usually consumes between 100W and 250W. The SignStix player consumes just 10W – about the same as a low-energy lightbulb. That’s a saving in electricity of up to 96%. By utilising the SignStix Player (an inexpensive, energy-efficient, Android device) SignStix has substantially driven the cost of video walls down, resulting in high-impact, low-cost video walls becoming an achievable addition to any business.

Why Install a Video Wall?

The need to inform and engage customers is one of the most talked-about topics in the industry, and video walls are a simple way of doing this. A highly effective way of increasing awareness, sales, video walls is often used to encourage customers to take advantage of special offers or promotions.

Likewise, the video content of products is proven to have a significant positive impact on sales, with tutorials and ‘how-to’ guides quickly becoming the modern equivalent of a mannequin display. An engaging video wall will also increase foot-traffic in stores, as well as creating an exciting atmosphere for customers to enjoy.

Interactive Video Walls

For next-level digital experiences, interactive video walls can also be built using SignStix. Design interactive displays to showcase products, whereby once a customer has selected one they are particularly interested in, the content changes to provide more information about that specific item. Video walls have been proven to increase brand awareness, and have been highly successful in all areas from retail to education.

Through our dedicated partner network, SignStix can provide complete, end-to-end video wall services, with only a monthly SignStix subscription and one device per screen. Our intuitive, easy-to-use software means that creating and managing a video wall of your own has never been simpler. Our 4K Players support ultra-high-definition video walls out of the box, and pre-processed video slicing independently fits content onto each screen.

All of this results in dramatically lower prices, lower power usage and minimal complexity, making video walls a viable, scalable option for you and your business.

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