The Solution

  • In Partnership With Teqnet and PPDS
  • Superior LED Video Wall Powered By SignStix
  • Intuitive Content Management
  • Future-proof Design
  • Effortless Campaign Management and Deployment

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Intuitive Retail Digital Signage Solution & Oversized Video Wall for Fnac Retail Chain

SignStix worked with one of Europe’s leading omnichannel retail companies, Fnac Darty, to provide a tailor-made solution that was designed and deployed to meet every requirement.


A strong presence in Belgium has made Fnac a household name for locals. To help serve its customers with the best possible shopping experience, Fnac wanted to update its store’s design with a premium tech setup to showcase its latest offers, products, and services. In a competitive space where content reach is everything, the team at Fnac needed to stand out by delivering a real wow effect to increase customer interest and traffic. With limited space options outside the store, Fnac required innovative thinking to help them achieve this goal.


Fnac Video Wall Powered by SignStix1


To transform their vision into reality, Fnac teamed up with PPDS, Teqnet, and SignStix for a perfect installation that defied all limits.

To create the perfect impression for its customers, an oversized LED video wall comprising 24 Philips L-Line displays was strategically placed 15 metres above the ground door outside the store’s entrance. Powered by SignStix, our cloud-based software solution, Fnac staff were put in full control in managing all their content with custom designs, automated scheduling, and remote access. This resulted in an attention-grabbing display that significantly boosted the store’s presence – driving greater customer engagement and interest in their latest offers.


Intuitive content management

SignStix software integration allows for easy cloud-based content creation, editing, management, deployment, and real-time reporting.

Instant content updates

New promotions and product offers can be pushed live instantly by staff for responsive results.

Future-proof design

New sensors, cameras, AI, and IoT hardware can be added as needed to ensure the displays are always optimised within a rapidly changing environment.

Superior LED video wall

A completely seamless LED video wall with high brightness and perfect picture quality delivers content with maximum impact.

Energy-efficient performance

Low operation costs allow for 12-hour operation 7 days a week with minimal environmental impact and greater savings.

Fnac Video Wall Fnac Video Wall Powered by SignStix

John Arriola, Business Development Director, Teqnet said:

“PPDS were very helpful in understanding the store’s requirements and delivered an outstanding solution which incorporated the SignStix platform that perfectly matched the environment and budget.”

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