RBTE 2016: SignStix & Evoke’s Interactive Kiosk With Mirror And Transactional Functionality

SignStix stood out from the crowd at this year’s RBTE with its fully interactive retail display developed in conjunction with Evoke Creative, which provides a forward-thinking solution for retailers looking to fuse the gap between online and in-store retailing experiences.

This year, SignStix formed part of Toshiba Retail’s stand amongst a multi-skilled network of partners covering various touchpoints and technologies for the retail space including digital kiosks, interactive signage, video walls, commercial screens, printers and much more.

SignStix showcased its newest platform enhancements, in addition to an impressive interactive retail display that earned the attention of some of Europe’s biggest retail brands.



Forward-thinking retail technologies for a seamless shopping journey

Developed with design agency and display manufacturer Evoke Creative, the interactive kiosk provides retail customers with an interactive self-service shopping journey. The display is not designed to replace existing till systems, but to enhance the overall shopping experience by allowing customers to capture necessary information and interact with products in-store.


kiosk evoke and signstix


The interactive kiosk accommodates 3 digital screens, all powered by the SignStix platform. Promotional campaigns, catalogue images and full-length outfits grasp the attention of nearby shoppers and, upon touch, customers can select product categories and browse individual items. Each interactive component is designed, managed and deployed using the SignStix cloud-based CMS, alleviating the need to write code or invest in external systems.

Should a customer want to capture more information about a specific product they’ve previously been looking at whilst browsing the store, they can scan a product’s label using the built-in barcode reader, ultimately changing the signage content to match. Scanning a product’s barcode can trigger a variety of content such as product videos, customer reviews, sizing information and further product details to aid purchasing decisions. Related items and complementary products can also be displayed in order to encourage in-store upsells and cross-sells.



The kiosk, designed and manufactured by Evoke Creative, incorporates a chip and pin reader enabling customers to transact in-store for times when a specific product is out of stock. Options such as pre-ordering, home delivery or even click and collect can be configured as an ‘end point’ to this self-service shopping journey. Customers can also have the ability to share outfits or items on social media.

One of the most intriguing features though is the full-length mirror; when a customer selects ‘Mirror View,’ this automatically hides all signage content, allowing customers to try on items of clothing in front of the same signage display they’re interacting with. Selecting ‘Back,’ content will reoccupy the screens so that the customer can resume browsing and scanning products.

Third-party technologies such as iBeacon and NFC can also be integrated within the kiosk unit, in a bid to serve up personalised content to in-store shoppers.

“RBTE forms the perfect environment for us to showcase some of our latest innovations and platform enhancements,” said Emily Welch, Director.

“The interactive kiosk we developed with Evoke was a great success and is a testament to some of the brilliant work we create for our clients.”

London’s Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) is Europe’s must-attend event for retail and hospitality, offering strategic and tactical advice to organisations, covering topics and solutions such as eCommerce, digital signage, and customer engagement, loyalty, mobile apps, analytics and much more. The event is held adjacent to the Retail Design Expo, drawing in thousands of leading retail brands from all over Europe.