We caught up with Bekki to answer questions about her journey so far and the best part about working within SignStix.

How has your journey with SignStix been so far?Bekki, Sales and Support Coordinator SignStix

My two years at SignStix have been incredibly varied and always exciting, I’ve had the chance to work across multiple diverse projects and have learnt a huge amount about the fascinating world of digital signage.

One of my favourite parts of my role is doing webinars and demos, it’s always fun to show our clients just how creative you can be with digital signage!

What’s the best part about working within SignStix?

One of the best things about working within SignStix is the opportunity to get involved in a real diversity of projects and duties within the team. SignStix is a workplace where everybody’s ideas really count, so if you have thought about improving the platform or a creative idea for a new project, you have the flexibility to pursue it. It’s great to be part of a workplace where everybody’s opinion is valuable and listened to.

And of course, my lovely colleagues!

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