Senior DevOps Developer Enjoys His First Year With SignStix

Celebrating their 1-year anniversary with SignStix is Azmath Shaik, one of the Senior DevOps Developers.

We caught up with Azmath about his 1-year journey so far and how his knowledge of the digital signage industry has grown.

How has your journey with SignStix been so far?Azmath Shaik enjoys first year at SignStix

Time has passed extremely fast and I am here completing my 1-year work anniversary at SignStix. Hurray 

My journey of working for a year in this organisation gave me more knowledge and exposure and which might not be possible without anyone whom I met here on a professional front. 

In my first year, I received good support from my Team Members and especially my Mentor Emily Welch who made my journey successful within SignStix. 

I was new to this product, and the management gave me enough time to understand it, after knowing about the product I fell in love with it.

I have learnt more about how Digital Signage is fascinating to the world and how creative it is. 

What’s the best part about working within SignStix?

I am always trusted in, “Looking for a place where the opportunities for advancement are endless!”  And today, here I am. So, I believed and got placed here at SignStix and have seen my professional growth in the right terms.  

And this would not have been possible if SignStix did not value each employee’s thoughts and implemented them as and when applicable or needed. Hence, this is the best part of Management. 

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