SignStix’s Android Developer Enjoys Two Years At SignStix

This month, we have an awesome member who celebrates their 2-year anniversary with SignStix.

We caught up with SignStix’s android developer, Fahad Tariq, a master at helping with technical issues and tying up very important technical projects, to answer questions about his journey so far and the best part about working within SignStix.

How has your journey with SignStix been so far?Fahad Tariq - 2 Years at SignStix

In terms of my role at SignStix, the last 24 months have been most significant for me. I have seen a real shift towards remote work with the most effective, connected and organized team which put values at the forefront in all means.

I’ve been part of the technical team where I learnt various new technologies and futuristic integrations with the SignStix product which is impacting millions of lives across the UK. My journey has really been incredible and the opportunities I’ve been given I am really thankful for – they are polishing all the skills that I have brought with me from previous jobs.

What’s the best part about working within SignStix?

I think it’s the collaboration and caring across the team. I’ve been part of the product lifecycle we have gone through to get to the heart of who we are as an organisation.

So, I have really seen what inspires us as a collaborative brain.

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