Beverley Scott Talks About Her Two Year Journey With SignStix

We caught up with SignStix’s head of marketing, Beverley Scott, a marketing and customer service guru, to answer questions about her journey so far and the best part about working within SignStix.

How has your journey with SignStix been so far?Beverley Scott - 2 Years at SignStix

Over the last 2 years, SignStix has helped me achieve many of my work goals, supported me in new projects, and pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone to do amazing things.

From designing and managing our new website to writing press releases, blog posts and Google AdWords is naming just a few of my projects and duties.

What’s the best part about working within SignStix?

I can honestly say there is always something fun to be doing within the SignStix marketing department. One project that comes to mind is that I’ve managed, written and proofread our award entries alongside our customers and partners which resulted in SignStix being shortlisted for two prestigious AV 2021 awards.

I’ve also learnt that you can have fun and work professionally at the same time.

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