Social Safety Digital Signage In Educational Establishments

Digital signage for educational institutions

In March 2020, schools, nurseries and colleges in the United Kingdom were shut down in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. By 20 March, all schools in the UK had closed to all children except those of key workers and children considered vulnerable.

The majority of these educational establishments have reopened but the spread of disease remains a concern. As a result, educational establishments needed a way of communicating safety warnings, manage student traffic flow and react to changing regulations in a quick and effective manner.

Although some considered using printed signage to handle the task, it’s was an ineffective and costly way to keep up with constantly changing guidelines. Instead, what was required was a communication solution that can be updated in real-time and respond automatically to any issues that might arise.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a type of signage which uses a screen, LCD, LED and projection technology to display media such as images and video. Digital signage can be found in shops, restaurants, hotels, universities and many buildings that we pass through daily.

Recent developments in digital signage have taken a more interactive approach through technologies such as cameras, integrating 3rd party hardware can create a more engaging user experience

Creating community confidence

Although the spread of COVID-19 has subsided in some parts of the world, it remains a concern in others. A report by the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy estimates that COVID-19 could remain a significant threat for at least the next two years, and the World Health Organization says world leaders and the public must make permanent adjustments to their daily lives to bring the virus down to low levels.

Informing employees, students and visitors about current policies and regulations by designing a clear overview of current Public Health Guidance guidelines set by the government and displaying it on digital signage are paramount.

Signage located near entrances can convey information about mask requirements, one way systems, social distancing guidelines and other policies. If policies change, the network can be updated in real-time to reflect those changes. In addition, that information can be pushed out to staff via email and signage in break or staff rooms and employee-only areas can help communicate updates, therefore preventing students and employees from exposure to unnecessary risks. In addition to signage near entrances, wayfinding signage can direct students, staff and visitors to the best route to their destination, minimising crowding.

How to use digital signage to help social safety in education

The SignStix platform

The SignStix platform empowers educational institutions to inform, guide, and motivate their audience. The software integrates seamlessly into the day-to-day operation and automated dynamic display communication. Our cloud-based digital signage software platform gives users the ability to create easily, manage and deploy digital content to any device, anywhere in the world.

The independent platform supports a wide variety of hardware and software. Not only does the SignStix digital signage platform give you reporting information and a site control section, but it also comes with a free weekly feature’s webinar, free unlimited users and free lifetime upgrades. Another great aspect of SignStix is that you can add external data feed triggers and 3rd party integrations.

By using 3rd party integrations with the SignStix digital signage platform if cameras detect a breach in any rules and regulations a warning message can appear with the next steps to follow.

Industries served by SignStix

SignStix can deliver across a range of sectors including retail, corporate communications, industrial operations, logistics, dooh, healthcare, education and the hospitality industry, making it a truly flexible digital signage solution and why it is used by some of the world’s biggest brands to deliver truly engaging digital signage campaigns, interactive experiences and automated communications.

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