Software Support Specialist Enjoys Two Years At SignStix

This month, we have a fabulous member of the technical team celebrating their 2-year anniversary with SignStix.

We caught up with, James Wibberley, SignStix software support specialist about his 2-year journey so far and how he has seen the company and his job responsibilities grow during the lockdown.

How has your journey with SignStix been so far?

James Wibberley - Software Support

I joined SignStix just before the lockdown in 2020 working from their office in Leeds. After a month we were all asked to work from home and my working environment has changed a lot since. Like many others, I’m now used to working from home and I have had to adapt to having more responsibility in responding to clients. Whilst my initial job is a support role, I am now more involved in various other aspects which include some programming, server administration and design work.

I have helped SignStix go through a growth period and have seen an increase in workload from taking on some major clients. It has been great to see the company growing and succeeding. I have also helped support the company and its clients through the expansion of the development team and changes within the company.

What’s the best part about working within SignStix?

As mentioned my role is very varied. Day to day I can be doing many different types of work for different clients which means every day brings new challenges and a varied workload – I’m always kept busy.

I feel that I have a real influence on how tasks are tackled, and how the company works.

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