Sequences are a convenient way of assembling signs into a running order that is played in a loop.

For a given location, it’s often the case that parts of the signage can stay the same for a long time (e.g. generic / brand messaging) while other parts need to change more regularly (e.g. special offers, specific campaigns).  Sequences allow you to easily move signs in or out without having to edit signs or animations.

Creating a Sequence in Director

It is assumed that you have at least two signs in your account:

How do I create a sequence of signs
    1. Log into SignStix Director.
    2. Navigate to Content > All Sequences.
    3. Click the plus (+) button near the top and choose ‘New Sequence’.
    4. Enter a name for your new sequence e.g. ‘MainSequence’.
    5. Add signs to your sequence as follows:
      • Click the plus (+) button in the ‘Sequence entries’ section to add signs to the sequence.
      • Each time you click a sign, it will be added to the end of the sequence.
      • Click ‘Close’ when you have finished adding signs to the sequence.
    6. Back in the sequence panel, you can adjust your sequence as required:
      • Re-order the sequence by dragging signs into the desired position.
      • Set how the sign should ‘Repeat’ – see the section below for details.
      • Click the minus (-) button to remove an entry from the schedule.
    7. Click the ‘Add Sequence’ button near the bottom to complete the operation.