The First Time you Login

1. Before you login to SignStix, please download an Authenticator App to your mobile phone. These are widely available and free from the Apple App store or GooglePlay, you can use any of them.

2. Login to SignStix as per your normal process shown below by entering your client name, username and password.

Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 15.17.52

3.  On successful login you will be shown a QR code similar to the one below and you’ll be asked to scan it with your Authenticator app on your mobile.


4.  Click NEXT.

5.  A box will appear similar to the one below and you will be asked for the 6-digit confirmation code that is in your Authenticator App.

6.  Click NEXT.

7.  A box will appear similar to the one below explaining your 2FA set-up.

6.  Click FINISH.

You are now all set up with Multifactor Authentication (2FA).

The Next Time You Login

1.  Login to your account as normal.

2.  An extra box will open on the login page and you will be prompted to get a 6-digit confirmation code from your Authenticator App.

You will then enter the SignStix platform as normal.