Shortly after the SignStix Player application starts running on a signage device, it will show a black screen with the single word ‘Loading’ in white text.

This Loading screen will continue to show whilst either:

  • The device is reading data from the storage on the device and preparing to display it (this may take a few seconds), or
  • The device is downloading signage content for the first time (this may take several minutes, depending on the amount of signage data).

If the device remains stuck on the Loading screen, please check the following:

Has a sign actually been deployed to the zone that the device is in?

Confirm this by locating the device’s zone in the Campaigns page and checking that the ‘Signage’ and ‘Default Playlist’ are as you expect.

Press the ‘Deploy Content’ button if you haven’t already done so.

Is the device still downloading the new content?

High-resolution images over a slow connection may take several minutes to download.  Downloading a video may take many minutes (or even hours if it’s long or high-resolution).  To find out if a device is still downloading, locate the device in the Device Admin page in Director.  If the device has a white cloud icon then downloading has completed and the device is playing the latest deployed content.  If the icon is flashing then the device is still downloading.

Still stuck on the Loading screen?

Try the steps described in My screen hasn’t updated to new signage I’ve deployed.