Each signage device attempts to communicate across the network to the SignStix server on a regular basis (at least once per minute).  This allows the device to tell the server about its current state (e.g. its temperature, how long it has been running) and ask whether new signage is available.If a networking issue causes this communication to fail, the device will continue displaying its current signage, but it will not be able to download any new content or upload information to the server until the network is restored.

Device Status in Director

The Devices page in Director lists all the signage devices known to the system.  In the Info column for each device is a ‘traffic-light’ dot, showing its current network status:


Red The signage device has not been able to contact the server for over 20 minutes.
Amber The signage device has not been able to contact the server for over 3 minutes (but less than 30).
Green The signage device has successfully contacted the server recently (within the last few minutes).


If the colour is amber or red, there may be a network issue preventing communication from the device to the SignStix server.  This is a list of steps you can try to bring your device back online:A. Check with your network administrator for any known network outages.

B. Check with your network administrator that firewalls are allowing access to on port 443 and on port 80.

C. If you are using a 3G or 4G router, ask your network administrator to check that the SIM contract is up to date and that mobile data hasn’t been cut off.

D. If you believe that the network is functional, you can test the connection between the SignStix device and the SignStix server as follows:

– Attach a USB mouse to the SignStix device (or use the remote control for the SignStix device).
– Double-right click the mouse (or double-click the Back button on the SignStix remote) to escape from signage to the white Controls page.
– Click the ‘Apps’ button.
– Click on ‘Browser’ (globe icon).
– Enter this URL (if it doesn’t appear by default):
– If a SignStix login page appears then the device has a suitable network connection.  If it doesn’t then further investigation is required, as described below.
– In either case, now turn the power to the SignStix device off for a few seconds, then back on again.  This will bring it back to signage (after the booting up sequence) and may also help it pick up a network connection.

E. If the device remains offline, please check the following:

If the device is configured for Ethernet (a wired network connection):

  1. Check that the network cable (CAT5) is firmly plugged into the device (this may be via a USB Ethernet adaptor for older devices).
  2. Check that the network switch or router at the other end of the CAT5 network cable is powered-up and functional.
  3. Check the network wall-socket is functional by plugging a laptop into it and visiting in a web browser.  If a SignStix login page appears then the wall-socket is functional.

If the device is configured for Wi-Fi:

  1. Check that the Wi-Fi router is powered-up and functional e.g. try connecting a mobile phone or laptop to the Wi-Fi network.
  2. Check that the signage device is in range of the Wi-Fi router.  For example, temporary obstructions (particularly metal) may reduce the range.  If possible, try physically moving the device and the Wi-Fi router closer to each other.
  3. Check with your network administrator whether the Wi-Fi network password has changed.  If so, you may need to re-enter the Wi-Fi password, as if setting up the network for the first time (please see section 5(b) on this page).

Note that the network traffic-lights in Director will update dynamically, but there may be a small delay between a device changing state and the traffic-light changing colour.