1. Overheating
  2. Faulty power supply
  3. Faulty signage device

See the following sections for more detail.


To check for overheating:

  1. In the ‘Device Admin’ page, locate the device.
  2. Click the down-arrow on that row to open the device details.
  3. Click the ‘Health Check’ button.
  4. In the resulting report, inspect the ‘Temp’ (temperature) column beneath the graph.
  5. For reliable operation, this number should not be greater than 90.

Addressing overheating:

  • Check the immediate environment around the signage device. It should be installed with some air-flow around it, away from other sources of heat.
  • Check the ‘Max Frame Rate’ set on the device. To do this, locate your device in the ‘Device Admin’ page and click the little down-arrow to inspect its settings. Try reducing the ‘Max Frame Rate’. This will reduce the number of images which the device produces each second, and its temperature will drop as a result (at the expense of animation quality).

Faulty Hardware

Unexpected rebooting may be due to a faulty power supply, or a supply with an Amps rating that is too low (e.g. 1 Amp instead of 2.5 Amp).

If you have an alternative power supply (or a second signage device with its own power supply), try using the alternative supply and see if the problem stops (or moves to the second device).

Otherwise, return the full rig (signage device, power supply and cables) to your supplier together with information about the installation environment, the temperature, and the frequency of the reboots.