To create a new sign, you need to log into your SignStix account and launch the Creator tool. This allows you to design your sign and publish it to the Director tool, ready to be deployed.

Follow the below steps:

1. Log into your SignStix account by visiting the following URL in a web browser:

2. Enter your login details.

3. You should now see the Director starting page.

4. Click the ‘Creator’ button at the top right.  This opens the Creator tool in a new browser tab.

Creator is used for designing and building your signs. 

Director is used to deploy the resulting signage to your screens.

5. Press the ‘New Sign’ button.

6. Enter a name for your new sign (e.g. ‘test1′) and click ‘OK’. 

Signs are often created in ‘landscape’ mode, which is intended for screens mounted in the usual orientation.

7. If you are deploying to screens mounted on their side, choose ‘portrait’ mode.

You should now see a blank Creator ‘canvas’.

Blank Cavas

8. In the ‘Tools’ panel at the top left, click the Text Tool button.

Text Icon

9. With the cursor over the canvas, click the mouse button and keep it pressed while you drag a rectangle. Release the mouse button when the rectangle is big enough to accommodate several words of text.

10. Click inside the resulting text box and type: Hello this is test1!



11. When you have finished, click the little green ‘tick’ at the bottom-right of the box to accept the text.

12. Note that a new ‘layer’ has appeared in the Layers panel on the right-hand side.



  • Signs are built from ‘layers’.
  • In the Layers panel, you can click on a layer to select it and to see any associated options.
  • Right-click a layer to duplicate it, delete it or name it.
  • Naming layers can be very useful in complex signs.


13. Save your sign by choosing ‘Save’ from the ‘File’ menu.

14. Publish your sign using the ‘Publish’ button on the menu bar.

  • ‘Saving’ a sign just saves your work so you can return to it later.
  • ‘Publishing’ a sign makes that version of it available in Director.  This does not deploy the sign to any screens, it just makes it available for deploying via Director.
  • The distinction between ‘Save’ and ‘Publish’ allows you to develop a sign over a period of time (using ‘Save’), and only release it (using ‘Publish’) when you are happy with the content.
  • Note that doing a ‘Publish’ automatically does a ‘Save’ first.

15. You have now created and published your first sign!

Return to the Director tab in your web browser in preparation for deploying the sign, as described in Deploying a sign.

Get to grips with creating a new sign with our new Video Tutorial.