Two-factor authentication requires anyone who tries to log into your account to have two things: an access code generated by your mobile device and your password.


You will have the choice to opt-in or opt-out to our 2FA feature.

There will be three settings to choose from:

  • Disabled – Users don’t have the 2FA option on their “My Account” page.
  • Enabled-Users enable/disable the 2FA option on their “My Account” page.
  • Forced –Users are forced to set up 2FA on their first log-in.

The benefits of 2FA range from;

  • increasing client trust
  • achieving compliance
  • reducing fraud and identity theft
  • combating password fatigue
To enable 2FA on your account or to learn more please email info@signstix.com

Already have access to the 2FA feature but need to find out how to:

Use the 2FA SignStix login process

Change the 2FA authenticator I’m paired with

Apply 2FA to a client