Top Nine Industries Using Digital Signage

Top nine industries that are using digital signage

Digital signage is a type of signage which uses a screen, LCD, LED and projection technology to display media such as images and video. It’s typically used to display important information, communicate with staff/students/peers, and promote a certain brand or product.

One of the most compelling advantages of digital signage is the speed with which messages can be updated. You can communicate new policies and update content with the most relevant related messages by a click of a button.

Here are our top 9 industries who are using digital signage – how they use it and what the benefits are.

1. Retail

The retail sector is very popular for digital signage and is a competitive battlefield with bricks and mortar all wrangling to grab customers’ attention. Retail use digital signage mainly for video walls, wayfinding and customer and staff notices. When compared to static signage, digital signage solutions captures 400% more views*.

2. Restaurants & Bars

Large fast-food chains have already exploited the tremendous benefits of digital signage.  They use digital signage mainly for digital menu boards, ordering facilities and customer and staff notices. It promotes cross-sells and drives a 31.8% upsell in overall sales volume* at point of sale by displaying dynamic and relevant content to your customers.

3. Transportation

Airports, train and bus stations and even bus stops have become the most common places to encounter digital signage. Digital signage is ideal for flight and bus information to show arrivals and departures and in duty-free areas of airports for advertising.

4. Healthcare

Digital signage is transforming the way that hospitals and healthcare facilities communicate with staff and patients. Whether used for wayfinding or displaying healthcare information, digital signage gives the healthcare industry the ability to engage and interact with their patients and improve the level of care.

5. Entertainment

Locations such as theatres, cinemas, zoos, concert halls, trampoline parks and theme parks are ideal settings for digital signage. In these types of environments, digital signage can be used as effective communication, advertising and promotional tool as it has been proven to increase the average purchase amount by 29.5%*.

6. Corporate

Keeping employees connected is just as important as enhancing customer experiences. In addition to offering a canvas for unlimited internal communications, internal digital signage can help build staff morale, maximise productivity and enhance employee motivation.

7. Education

Educational establishments are ideal environments to get the most out of digital signage. The most common solution for schools, colleges, universities and other training facilities are wayfinding, video walls and reception screens.

8. Hospitality

Hotels, resorts, nightclubs and catering venues have a captive audience who are looking for information, so they are a natural home for digital signage. Digital posters, advertising displays and reception screens can really make a big difference within a hospitality venue and if used correctly can boost customer satisfaction by 46%*.

9. Logistics

Locations such as warehousing and manufacturing are ideal locations for digital signage. In these types of environment, digital signage can be used to inform operatives pending job queues, material preparation and manufacturing instructions as it has been proven to increase the factory throughput by 30%**.

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