Why Restaurants Need Digital Signage in a Post Pandemic World

It’s no secret that in hospitality customer service is key and according to the National Restaurant Association‘s just-published 2022 State of the Restaurant Industry Report, sales will increase to $898B this year and the industry will add 400,000 jobs. However, the report highlights 51% of adults say they aren’t eating at restaurants as often as they would like, which is an increase of 6 percentage points from before the pandemic.

Costa Coffee powered by SignStix digital signage platform

So how do we get people back into restaurants?

By every stretch of the imagination, there is pent-up demand, but diners want to feel safe and comfortable when dining out. The Association also notes above all, 23% would like to see technology that improves customer service. A total of 19% would welcome technology that would make order and payment easier in the restaurant. Another 19% would like to see technology that provides more detail about food, such as nutrition, allergen information and sourcing.

Good customer service harnesses customer loyalty, brand awareness and leverage upsells. Restaurants depend on cross-selling and upselling opportunities, however, opportunities can be left neglected if employees are busy serving customers and don’t have time to promote products or have the knowledge about nutritional, allergen information and sourcing during the point of sale.

Digital signage alleviates that risk by allowing restaurants to have a better influence on customer engagement, by using digital menu boards to do all the upselling and cross-selling for them. With the right technology, combined with engaging content and impressive in-store execution, digital menu boards give restaurants and cafes the chance to improve customer service which in turn improves impulse purchases at the point of sale.

In addition to boasting huge upselling opportunities, digital signage in restaurants can deploy health and safety messages to help keep customers safe whilst promoting specific products at peak times and seasons. Launch exclusive new products for a limited time only or share seasonal offers and as a result, will encourage an influx of sales.

SignStix Digital Menu Boards

SignStix can be used to implement digital signage screens or menu boards for restaurants with ease. Its compact hardware and simple configuration process mean you get up and running in seconds and start engaging with customers in no time. The easy-to-use cloud-based SignStix Creator tool allows you to create signage and deploy it to global locations from one central point.

Using SignStix for your restaurant’s digital signage menu board means:

  • Most importantly your data is backed up in the cloud so it is safe and secure.
  • You can manage and communicate different prices, offers or incentives in different locations.
  • Communicate and instantly update any changes to health and safety guidelines and nutritional, allergen and sourcing information.
  • Better compliance with menu labelling regulations.
  • SignStix hardware is small and compact so consequently, you needn’t worry about bulky hardware or excess wires cluttering your restaurants.
  • You can create and deploy signage with ease using SignStix’s cloud-based Creator tool and as a result, signage can be instantly deployed to all sites across global locations.
  • You can schedule your signs to be deployed at different times and dayparts.
  • Integrate SignStix with Queue Management technology.
  • Moreover, SignStix uses 96% less electricity than a PC-based digital solution and offers integrators numerous cost benefits.

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