While the idea of switching to digital signage can seem like a big project, once implemented it can reap countless rewards for all types of businesses, whether it be a retailer, a hotel, or a company using signs to communicate internal messages.

Here are just some of the benefits of using SignStix digital signage:

  1. Content can be updated at the touch of a button (or automatically scheduled in advance), therefore no additional costs, re-printing paper signs, are needed for every new campaign.

  2. Great reach to the general public – for example, digital signage in public venues reaches 70% of the public, and digital signage has a 52% recall rate*.

  3. Digital signage looks impressive and can certainly help to modernise the image of a company or space.

  4. You can display an incredible variety of content at once – for instance, from news channels to social media feeds and photographs to videos.

  5. You can put everything you need onto the same screen, at the same time in one cohesive display.

  6. The overall experience of digital signage in a store can make consumers connect more positively with the brand providing that experience, lower perceived wait times in a queue when there is digital signage nearby to entertain waiting customers.

  7. Above all, it’s a cost-effective solution. Once the initial installation costs have been paid, retailers or business owners can get a return on investment by selling advertising space to companies/brands that will complement the store’s operations.

*data source:

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