Wherever you go you will see digital screens run on our Content Management Software (CMS). Of course, you won’t see our CMS, you will only see beautiful, seamless content.

Our clients rely on us, not just to provide software, but to create bespoke solutions. Our expertise and flexibility allow your team to concentrate on their core activities, while we find ways to simplify the process.

SignStix – Interactive Digital Signage Platform that will Inform, Engage and Converse with your Audience.


Inform your Audience Broadcast to Millions

Sales Incentives

Large Video Walls

Training Information

Corporate Information

Scheduled Promotions

Seasonal Brand Campaigns

Large-Format LED

Animated Graphics


Engage your Audience Narrowcast to Thousands

Digital Menu Boards

Journey Timetables

Weather-Based Promotions

Targeted, Personalised Promotions

Face Detection

Dynamic Pricing

Real-Time Social Media Feeds

Interactive Content


Converse with your Audience Interact with Individuals




A/B Testing

Product Located Touch Sensors

Lift ‘n’ Learn/Place ‘n’ Learn

Demographic Analysis

Facial Authorisation


In the pursuit of creating a more engaging user experience SignStix can go beyond the generic digital signage and the typical application examples you’re used to seeing.

Watch our animated video for an insight into what the SignStix platform can do.


Some of our awesome clients who use SignStix for their digital signage requirements…


Designed with you in mind, SignStix is easy to use and packed full of innovative features.

Simple Setup

No software to download. No servers. Cloud-based application. Get up and running in minutes.

Little or NO Hardware

Choose from a variety of player options including embedded signage solutions called system on chip.

Easy Content Creation

Easily create eye-catching animations and interactive content with SignStix Creator.

Wide-Ranging Screen Support

From shelf edge to 4K video, SignStix makes it easy to build high definition video walls of virtually any size or orientation.

Deploy Content Globally

Deploy different content across the globe in just one click with SignStix Director.

Schedules and Campaigns

Schedule content changes in advance which can include seasonal or promotional campaigns.

Build Interactive Digital Experiences

From interactive kiosks to tablet applications, SignStix makes it easy to build interactive experiences.

Import Designs from Photoshop

Adobe users are able to upload and edit their designs layer by layer as displayed in photoshop.

External Data Feed Triggers

From weather to audience measurement data, SignStix makes it easy to connect external triggers to truly converse with individuals.

Adding Sensor Devices

From product located touch sensors to Lift 'n' Learn applications, SignStix makes it easy to build interactive experiences.


Our cloud-based interactive digital signage software platform gives users the ability to create easily, manage and deploy digital content to any device, anywhere in the world.


Choose from SignStix’s Andriod compact digital signage media player that plugs directly into the back of any commercial screen with minimal wiring or one of our partner’s embedded display panels – which completely removes the need for any external hardware. Learn more.

Internal Signage

From internal communications to reception displays you can broadcast videos or content in real-time on screens. With SignStix, digital signage can instantly inform and inspire your audience which increases staff engagement and productivity. Learn more.

Video Walls

Build video walls of virtually any size or orientation. Enjoy seamless content playback across multiple screens, and even build interactive video walls and multi-screen kiosks. Learn more.


The SignStix interactive digital signage platform is an extremely intuitive digital tool that allows you to easily create, edit, manage, deploy and report on digital content in real-time. It’s all cloud-based meaning you don’t have to worry about downloading any software. Learn more.

Menu Boards

Drive upsells, cross-sells and average purchase amounts at point of sale by displaying dynamic and relevant content to your customers with digital menu boards. The ease of implementation means you can get up and running in minutes, with minimal disruption to your store or restaurant. Learn more.

Digital Shelf Edge

Deploy promotional campaigns straight to the shelf edge. Directly influence in-store purchases with product videos, dynamic pricing and offers, loyalty card incentives, online reviews and much more. Learn more.

Custom Projects

Our team can deliver custom applications and creative digital experiences, bespoke to your unique project needs. Our FREE consultancy process helps us to understand who you want to communicate with, what you want to say and when. We can then select the right combination of products and services which provides you with a bespoke solution. Learn more.

Outdoor Signage

From roadside totems to outdoor menu boards, there is a wealth of opportunities for using ooh digital signage to drive traffic to your business. With SignStix, outdoor totems can generate huge footfall by capturing new customers and raising brand awareness. Learn more.

Interactive and Intelligent Signage

From place and learn and intelligent menu boards to magic mirrors and touch sensor experiences, SignStix provides you with all the tools to build fully interactive applications and signage content with ease. Learn more.



Digital Signage Warehouse Delivery System – Large Supermarket Chain


Place And Learn Digital Signage – Karndean Designflooring


Spotify and Twitter Integration – MOJO Bars


Hospital Digital Signage Solution for The Bracton Centre, an Oxleas NHS Foundation


3D Digital Signage Experience – Huda Beauty


Oversized Video Wall & Intuitive Retail Digital Signage Solution – Fnac Darty


Digital Menu Video Wall – Marks and Spencer Cafe


Giant Floor-to-Ceiling Screens – Missguided


Customer Facing Digital Signage – Big Air Trampoline Parks


Digital Signage for every industry

From shops to cafes, takeaways to corporate comms, we’ve got all the tools you need to make communicating with your audience quick and easy.


The retail sector is very popular for digital signage and is a competitive battlefield with bricks and mortar all wrangling to grab customers’ attention. When compared to static signage, digital signage solutions captures 400% more views*. Learn more.


Digital signage is transforming the way that hospitals and healthcare facilities communicate with staff and patients. Whether used for wayfinding or displaying healthcare information, digital signage gives the healthcare industry the ability to engage and interact with their patients and improve the level of care.


Educational establishments are ideal environments to get the most out of digital signage to be able to set different content for different campuses. For instance, the most common solution for schools, colleges, universities and other training facilities are interactive touch displays, video walls and reception screens. Learn more.


Digital signage is known to help reduce perceived wait time by up to 35 % so implementing screens throughout waiting areas is key. Streaming news, sport, videos and weather updates throughout an airport can entertain passengers whilst waiting for their flight or assist in distracting them in the case of delays. Learn more…

Bars and Restaurants

Large fast-food chains have already exploited the tremendous benefits of digital signage.  It promotes cross-sells and drives a 31.8% upsell in overall sales volume* at the point of sale by displaying dynamic and relevant content to your customers. Learn more.


Locations such as theatres, cinemas, zoos, concert halls and theme parks are ideal settings for digital signage. For example, in these types of environments, digital signage can be used as an effective advertising and promotional tool as it has been proven to increase the average purchase amount by 29.5%*. Learn more.


Hotels, resorts, nightclubs, and catering venues have a captive audience who are looking for information, so they are a natural home for digital signage. Digital posters, advertising displays, and reception screens can really make a big difference within a hospitality venue and if used correctly can boost customer satisfaction by 46%*. Learn more.

Estate Agents

The standout benefit of digital signage for estate agents is that it allows them to tie in an online presence with their digital activities, cutting out the need for pre-prepared brochures. Digital posters, advertising displays and reception screens can really make a big difference within estate agents and if used correctly can boost customer satisfaction by 46%*. Learn more.


Airports, train and bus stations and even bus stops have become the most common places to encounter digital signage. For instance, digital signage is ideal for flight and bus information to show arrivals and departures and in duty-free areas of airports for advertising.


Keeping employees connected is just as important as enhancing customer experiences. In addition, to offering a canvas for unlimited internal communications, internal digital signage can help build staff morale, maximise productivity and enhance employee motivation. Learn more.


Locations such as warehousing and manufacturing are ideal locations for digital signage. In these types of environments, digital signage can be used to inform operatives pending job queues, material preparation and manufacturing instructions as it has been proven to increase the factory throughput by 30%**. Learn more.


A supermarkets delivery hub is an ideal location for digital signage. In these types of environments, digital signage can be integrated with supermarkets internal technology, resulting in a hybrid system featuring live telematics integrations, internal live data feeds and real-time content updates. Learn more


Edward Rodriguez

Oathall Community College

SignStix content management software has been really easy to use, and a very positive experience. Having display screens in the areas where most people circulate has truly transformed the school. The screens are now a key part of our operations and integral to the way we do things.

Martin Greenhow


Signstix has enabled MOJO to dynamically control not only our POS but also enhance our experiential offering. It has reduced our management costs and delivered a better product whilst engaging creativity within our teams.

Madison Thomas

Australian Dance Theatre

SignStix has allowed us to utilise our space to leverage valuable advertising and promotional opportunities for our company, partners and future partners. SignStix have provided wonderful support as well as a product which is easy to work with, visually intriguing and cost-effective.

Ian Carnazza


SignStix runs on any screen or display and can connect to any physical internet-connected device. From lights to displays, smart devices to speakers, SignStix connects and coordinates everything, creating digital touchpoints that offer customised, interactive experiences for staff or customers.

*Digital Signage Today, **Internal Research

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