SignStix Brexit Strategy Statement (November 2020):

Our Strategy

We keep up to date with the progression of Brexit discussions and the potential changes and impacts of the legislation on our business. Our management along with external advisors monitor how our business may be impacted and react to minimise any disruption which may be caused by the Brexit process.


SignStix service and support are provided by directly employed SignStix staff and we, therefore, believe there will be no direct issues with a no-deal Brexit in relation to service provision.

Business Continuity and Resilience

We do not currently foresee any supply chain issues. Our suppliers are located out of the European Union. The effects of border controls on our suppliers obtaining their raw materials & products is unknown, however, we believe that in working with our supply chain partners we will be able to overcome any immediate impact. Our supply partners are controlling the cost of component parts and raw materials through a robust supply chain management program. Components are purchased in bulk, in advance and they hold significant stocks of components ready for manufacture. We also have a supplier who holds stock of finished products within the UK. We have identified dual sourcing options for our products and do not use a single-source solution. We believe this approach will allow us to meet product demand or source appropriate alternative products if required.

We have been working closely with our freight partners to ensure that they have sufficient plans in place to minimise any border disruption.


We consider that with the reviews and contingency planning described above we have done everything possible to ensure that the supply of SignStix products and services should be unaffected by Brexit. We will continue to monitor the situation and develop future plans as appropriate, to provide ongoing support to our customers.

Kindest Regards

Emily Welch