5 Tips for Using your Video Wall Effectively

It is common these days to spot video walls lining the walls of offices and streets.  Video walls are a series of panels or LED’s lined together to create one large screen. You may have seen them in shopping malls, hospitals, airports, workplaces and educational institutions, advertising one thing or another.

Generating content for a video wall isn’t always easy, since it commands attention. You want a person walking by to stop for a moment and look at your video wall.

Here are five ways to make your video wall stand out:

1. Where do you want your video wall?

If your video wall is set in a shopping mall, will you place it at the very back where few people go? Or will it be placed near different storefronts so that maximum people pass by it? The location of your video wall depends on the nature of the place. For instance, a video wall on the road will be misplaced if it were to be in a small street with little to no traffic. The placement of your video wall is the most crucial aspect of the whole process. There should also be an emphasis on the hardware you purchase for your video wall.

2. Why do you want to install a video wall?

What is the purpose behind investing capital into a video wall? Is it that you want to be able to instantly change messages? Once you answer these questions you’ll have a better focus on how and what to place in your video walls. You want to include something that grabs attention instantly, hence asking yourself this question will help you plan your content better.

3. What will you include in it?

There needs to be a strong, visual element that you put up in the video wall. Adding only text will not grab anyone’s attention. While choosing the visual element, you need to look at who your audience is, which depends on the location of your video wall. Your visuals should be engaging and lively enough for a person to stop and notice them. There could be pictures, a slideshow or videos that allow you to portray your message without having to use a lot of text.

4. Who is your audience?

Your video wall should carry something that is audience-friendly. If your audience is high school students or young adults you might want to consider using social media layouts to grab their attention. Different kinds of strategies work for different ages, genders and social classes. The kinds of videos and images you create should depend on who your target audience is.

5. Keep updating the content

The video wall you put up should be updated regularly with fresh content. People will lose interest if the video wall displays the same messages for a long period of time. Keeping fresh content will attract a wider audience thus making your video wall a success.

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