SignStix Launches Enhanced Video-Slicing and Cross-Zone Synchronization Features for Easy, Affordable UHD Video Walls

Cloud-based digital signage platform SignStix® has announced the release of its enhanced video-slicing and cross-zone synchronization features for affordable ultra-high-definition (UHD) video walls.


As part of its new SignStix Python (Version 2.7) feature release, SignStix now offers enhanced pre-processed video slicing for video walls, where high-resolution videos are automatically chopped-up into a number of separate ‘slices’, one for each screen. This significantly improves screen resolution and image quality, as each SignStix device does not need to download the same large video file. As a result, each device only downloads the video content it really needs, reducing network bandwidth significantly. The new release also ensures that when new content is deployed to a video wall, all screens automatically update to new content at the same time, providing maximum impact.

SignStix video-slicing capability, coupled with its compact 4K Player, makes ultra-high-definition video walls a much more viable option for organisations looking to invest in large-scale projects and build video walls of virtually any size.

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For added flexibility, the cloud-based CMS also gives organisations the ability to synchronise content across different video walls in multiple zones and locations, also known as ‘cross-zone synchronization.’