SignStix partner with Vestel Visual Solutions and launch ‘all-in-one’ display-based digital signage solution

PRESS RELEASE: SignStix and Vestel Visual Solutions have officially launched an embedded signage solution based around the SOC P series – completely removing the need for external hardware. The new integrated solution made its global debut at the Vestel Visual Solutions booth at Integrated Systems Europe 2023.

The UHD, P series display features the Android 9 OS version, with advanced 20-point touch technology, and remarkable picture quality IFX interactive screens. In addition to the Android 9 OS, the P series is uniquely a 24/7 Dual SOC model with dedicated chips for the operation of the display and for managing and playing content, to ensure that all software runs smoothly and under all circumstances.

Customers can control their global digital estate from SignStix’s online CMS for content creation and campaign delivery, without worrying about software installation, servers, and hardware setup.



SignStix and Vestel Visual Solutions are also taking their ‘all-in-one’ proposition one step further by offering a remote ‘power on and off’ function within the CMS. This enables administrators to set daily ‘power schedules’ for all screens in their estate, which will substantially reduce energy bills and carbon impact.

“Vestel Visual Solutions have given us an unprecedented level of access to the low-level firmware on their new panels, due entirely to our credibility in developing solutions from the ground up,” explains Emily Welch, SignStix Director.

“The extensive access Vestel Visual Solutions provides to native applications means that SignStix Director – our content management and deployment tool – is able to manage not only the deployment of content but also fully integrate the panel control mechanisms directly into the dashboard,” Welch added.

“Normally this would require a separate application and infrastructure, so adding these new features directly to our online platform removes many of the commercial and operational barriers to enterprise-level rollouts.”

The SignStix- Android-powered P series displays also offer full video wall capability, for content playback at native resolution. SignStix integrates with back-office systems such as POS and Stock Control and can engage with audiences through social media integrations like Twitter and audio integrations like Spotify.

Commenting on the new partnership with SignStix, UK’s Vestel Visual Solution Head of B2B, Karen Langford, said: “Vestel Visual Solutions is widely recognised as one of the largest display manufacturers in the world with over 15 million screens produced each year, our infrastructure enables us to design and build industry-leading solutions at cost-effective prices. Our P Series is our digital signage and interactive flagship model with its combination of the Android 9 OS and unique features such as built-in media controls and versatile, super slim design. I’m delighted that our visionary product has attracted committed support from such an equally leading and forward-thinking company as SignStix.”



SignStix and Vestel Visual Solutions


Vestel Visual Solutions and SignStix are also working collaboratively with new and existing partners to deliver a full-service digital engagement solution covering consultancy, content creation, support, and associated services on an international scale, covering a diverse range of sectors.

“Vestel Visual Solutions’, choice of Android for the on-chip solution releases the full power of SignStix’s capabilities and has enabled us to truly sell SignStix as a platform that not only can be delivered in minutes, anywhere in the world, by just emailing users a SignStix account but can help companies reduce their carbon impact in seconds,” Welch concluded

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To learn more about the integration and full details of the 18 Vestel models which run seamlessly with the SignStix digital signage CMS visit the Vestel supported hardware page.

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SignStix, Beverley Scott, Head of Marketing,, Tel +44 (0) 1135 313636

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Vestel Visual Solutions is a leading global manufacturer of professional display solutions. We believe in the power of displays to create more engaging environments for everyone and are dedicated to building a wide range of exceptional products which enable organisations to achieve this goal. Coupled with excellent services and support, we deliver bespoke display solutions which are tailored to the needs of our customers.

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