A big thank you to all our customers, partners and readers. 2020 was a challenging year but it would not have been the same without you.

We’ve loved working with you on projects & find nothing more exciting than bringing your ideas to life…

Marks and Spencer

A big hello to Marks and Spencer whom we’ve worked with to improve and modernise communications with its customers by using our platform to run a digital menu board within their cafe. SignStix’s partner Conceptunet supplied the video walls & digital screens and the content was created by ITG.

Marks and Spencer menu board

Corporate Communications

We had the pleasure in providing corporate communications and digital signage experiences for a global chemical & ingredients distributor, a UK biotechnology company & a water-displacing spray brand in the USA.


Our multisensory digital experience at MOJO bars was quickly transformed to inform customers about COVID-19 guidelines which helped opening back up more efficient, productive and healthy within the hospitality sector.


Multisensory Digital Experience for Mojo Bars


The recent upgrade project of using our platform to display vital delivery information from multiple software platforms onto a single screen has helped the warehouse team plan for deliveries & increased efficiency on-site for one of the largest supermarkets within the UK.


From day one as a signage company, we’ve always wanted to be very different and be at the forefront by having developers in-house that can provide cutting-edge innovations. For your unique business requirements our API technology connects your systems to our digital signage platform, e.g meeting room systems and corporate comms, warehousing and delivery systems, divisional menu or pricing information – to name a few.

One of our cutting-edge innovations was our ‘Power Tool’ release that you don’t need any JavaScript API experience. The aim of the ‘Power Tools’ concept is to make that functionality available to everyone via easy-to-use dialogs in SignStix Creator. The first power tool released is for ‘Lift & Learn‘ experiences, where the signage changes to show more detail about whatever item the user has just lifted from a SignStix RFID Pad. You can create interactive experiences where the content on the screen changes whenever someone physically picks up a product.  All the detail about the product is displayed clearly on the screen, instead of the customer having to pore over the small print on the packaging.

Stay Safe!

The SignStix Team