Spotify and Twitter Integration – MOJO Bars


The Solution

  • Multisensory Digital Adventure
  • Engaging Customer Experience
  • Integration with Spotify System
  • Better Product Placement Activities
  •     SignStix API Technology
  • SignStix Node-Red Integration Service

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Multisensory Digital Signage Experience for MOJO Bar

SignStix was selected by MOJO Bar to assist in delivering a multisensory digital signage experience across bars located in Leeds, Harrogate, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, and Sheffield as a result integrating Spotify and Twitter with SignStix (digital signage platform) made this a reality.


The multisensory digital adventure has been designed to differentiate the independent bar experience and help inspire, inform and engage customers as they relax to music in this timeless venue.

MOJO had a vision of the solution they wanted but couldn’t effectively achieve it with the in-house digital signage platform they were using and couldn’t find one until they came across the innovations from SignStix.

SignStix designed the digital signage adventure which was informed by customer research, resulting in a meaningful and engaging customer experience centered around the data-driven campaign and inspiration.

SignStix Digital Signage Node Red Integration with Spotify

Digital plays a key role within the concept including integration with Spotify. Designed and developed using the SignStix platform, customers are presented with ‘Now Playing’ track information, such as artist and title, as well as the album artwork. ‘Previously Played” and ‘Next to Play’ is also visible on the digital signage screens, which are placed strategically around the venues.

The bar’s digital media screens can also show promotional drink advertisements and social media interaction (Twitter) giving MOJO complete control of their digital signage content across every digital point within their venues.

Reliability, flexibility, and capability are key to MOJO’s vision and with the SignStix cloud-based platform the management time spent updating content to multiple sites has been significantly reduced.

All of the content has been designed by MOJO’s design team, using SignStix’s easy-to-use web-based digital signage content creation and animation tools. The integration of Spotify was made possible via the SignStix Node-Red Cloud Service.

The experience has already been installed in MOJO’s six bars. The success of the installations has resulted in greater support from brand partners by facilitating better product placement activities.

Martin Greenhow, Managing Director at MOJO Bar:

“Signstix has allowed MOJO to better engage with our guests and deliver great experiences to them living up to our mantra of Good Times Forever! It has reduced our management costs and delivered a better product whilst engaging creativity within our teams.”

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