Why Post Social Media Snapshots on Your Digital Signage?

Digital signage continues to be a central marketing channel for small businesses and huge brands alike. In fact, data from Wired Release shows that the digital signage market is expected to reach $32.46 billion by 2025 ⁠— further proving how much marketers and brands trust this offline marketing channel.

Having said that, an increasing amount of marketers have recently focused most of their efforts on improving their exposure on social media. In order to fully leverage the potential of digital signage, marketers should integrate social media snapshots and data on their digital signage content.

Why Post Social Media On Your Digital Signage

In this post, let’s take a look at the various perks you gain when you post social media snapshots on your digital signage.

It Builds Brand Exposure

LinkedIn’s article on the importance of brand visibility notes that if you want the public to talk about your business, you should first let them know that you exist. It can be difficult to build brand exposure, especially if you’ve only recently launched your business. For this reason, it’s best that you maximize your digital signage by displaying social media profiles and social media activities on them. In an offline environment, putting out your social media profiles can attract users and lead to an increase in your online following.

It Encourages Social Proof

By streaming user-generated content from social media onto their digital signage, businesses can gain relevancy and build social proof. A feature on user-generated content by Later highlights how firsthand customer experiences on social media acts as a recommendation from a genuine person. For this reason, you should display all relevant social content or mentions about your business on your digital signage. Aside from attracting viewers, you also encourage existing customers to share their experience with your business ⁠— further generating content that you can use to build your brand’s trustworthiness.

It Allows You to Launch Quick and Dynamic Campaigns

The great thing about digital signage is that despite being spread out in different locations, you can quickly and easily manage what you display on them as the control is centralized. Because of this, you can easily coordinate dynamic campaigns that involve social media on your digital signage. What’s more, you can even make quick decisions using real-time analytics, allowing you to create a more effective and targeted digital signage campaign. Trends also constantly change on social media, and having a centralized control centre allows you to instantly change the track of your digital signage campaign and continue to remain relevant.

It Boosts Engagement and Interaction

Aside from being an engaging and attention-grabbing marketing channel, digital signage can also be used to engage and interact with customers. Since most people spend hours being active on social media, you can connect with them directly by creating content on your digital signage that encourages them to participate. An example of this is using QR codes, which users can scan to directly access your social media pages and gain more information about your products or services. This kind of content is more effective in locations where users are actively looking for entertaining media, such as bus stations, lobbies, waiting areas, and lounges.

Be sure to maximize your digital signage by displaying relevant social media content. Doing so allows you to build brand visibility, engage with your customers, employ dynamic campaigns, and boost social proof. For more tips on how to make effective digital signage, do check our post ‘9 Top Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Digital Signage Design’.

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Prepared by Nicole Albert